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SIU Law gets you closer to what matters most: the opportunity to use your education to make a meaningful impact.

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Welcome to the Southern Illinois University School of Law.  I am honored to introduce you to our community. 上韩国网站梯子

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SIULAW addresses questions and answers regarding the upcoming semester at SIU School of Law click here

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At the SIU School of Law, we are committed to the promise of equal protection of the law for all. Read more.

The School of Law mourns the passing of Barbara Lesar

The School of Law mourns the passing of Barbara Lesar, recipient of the Founders Medal for extraordinary contributions to the School of Law.

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Why SIU Law?

Founded in 1973, the SIU School of Law’s trademark for experiential opportunities continues and its mission has expanded beyond the Southern Illinois region. We are the first law school in Illinois to require pro bono work prior to graduation. Tom Britton, Class of 1976, discusses the origins of the SIU School of Law and why he chose SIU. Watch the video 上韩国网站梯子


SIU Law attracts enthusiastic students who want to make a difference in people’s lives.

They challenge one another and, with the help of highly engaged faculty, staff, and alumni, shape their careers to fit their passions.

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Our faculty come from centers of power in the legal community and have established strong relationships and deep connections to the profession. 


Get Closer to What Matters Most

Our students take full advantage of Field Experiences that allow them to gain practical skills while making professional connections.


Turning the Theoretical Into What Works

SIU Law students have the opportunity to work with faculty one-on-one or in small groups on independent research and advocacy projects.

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Enter Your Career Undaunted

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Discover Your Passion上韩国网站梯子Get Closer to What Matters MostTurning the Theoretical Into What WorksEnter Your Career Undaunted

Southern Illinois University News and Events

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Fermentation Science Institute is producing ‘Saluki Sanitizer’ for campus

The mixture might not be barley and hops, yet the latest products of Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Fermentation Science Institute will serve a vital role on campus beginning this fall.

DiLalla selected as inaugural Sigma Xi Fellow

A researcher specializing in brain and cognitive sciences and clinical psychology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale has been named to the inaugural group of fellows in one of the nation’s leading scientific organizations.

Illinois House minority leader to discuss health, economic challenges facing state

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SIU Journalism’s 1857 Project tells history of racism in the Midwest

The Gateway Journalism Review, a Southern Illinois University Carbondale School of Journalism publication that analyzes mass media in the Midwest, has marked its 50th anniversary with an eye-opening and timely issue, “The 1857 Project.”

Simon Institute to host virtual conversation with Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton

Illinois Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton will discuss how the state is confronting economic, public health and social challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in a virtual conversation next week hosted by Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Paul Simon Public Policy Institute.


Law School News and Events

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SIULAW alum and ISBA President Dennis Orsey (’79) is featured in a story in The Telegraph

“Hundreds march in Carbondale to 'demand justice for all black lives”.

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#SIULAW alum, Jeff Roberts '92, is interviewed by The Murray State News about being sworn in as a special justice to the Kentucky Supreme Court

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#SIULAW alum, Jeff Roberts '92, is interviewed by The Murray State News about being sworn in as a special justice to the Kentucky Supreme Court

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Experiential Learning

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The School of Law Legal Clinic Programs have received the 2019-20 ISBA Excellence in Legal Education Award.


Featured Faculty


Prof. Heidi Ramos-Zimmerman has received the 2019-2020 Illinois State Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Community Leadership Award.

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